Ashlynn Wang

b. 2003 | Taipei, Taiwan

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, but spent formative years in South China and U.S. before returning to California for late primary and early secondary education. Deeply committed to creating the best work to her ability, improving herself each day, and continuing to fuel her endless curiosity. Has moderate experience in film editing, experimenting with a variety of film styles. An aspiring poet and writer who practices clarinet in her leisure time.

Featured Projects


This video captures the essence of the InterGen studios at Lifelong Labs in an interview and reflection format.



This video is a short montage of the Summer 2019 Fashion Entrepreneurship Week, summarizing the different fashion styles learners experimented with, as well as their Fashion Showcase.


Ashlynn is very self motivated and actively seeks for feedback. Her contributions to Lifelong Labs range from social media posts and editing videos. I am confident that Ashlynn, with her impeccable work ethic will continue to make incredible creative work.
— mo kwok