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Course Description

Learning should be explorative and fun. At Creative Mindfulness, students have the environment and support they need to discover new ways of learning. Under the guidance of passionate artist educators, students gain critical 21st-century skills like creative problem solving and effective digital and visual communication in our ultra small cohorts.

Through projects like Discover 3D Printing, Build an Eco-Smart City, and Linoleum Print-making, students learn to collaborate and work efficiently, preparing for the demands of the real world.


Skills Acquired

Create 3D models on TinkerCad

Spatial Awareness

Linoleum Print-making

Creative Problem Solving

Digital Communication Skills

Visual Communication Skills


Start Sep 17

Ages 6+ Tuesdays 4:00pm-5:00pm/ Saturdays 10:30am-11:30am

Ages 9+ Tuesdays 5:00pm-6:00pm

Day 2 was lino-cut designs and T-shirt printing, featuring animals and loved ones. 👚🎨 #lifelonglabsevents #lifelonglearning #lifelonglabs #跨代 #hkkids #hkart #hkeducation #fashion #workshop #design #linocut #art #tshirt #printing
By the time of compulsory schooling, we risk having squandered children’s resources and potential, making the rich child poor: rather than making children fit for school, we need schools that are fit for children.
— Carla Rinaldi, board member