boarding school portfolio builder

boarding school portfolio builder


Mon · Starting Sep 16

Ages 9+ 4pm-5pm


Course Description

Applying to top boarding schools is becoming increasingly competitive. It’s no longer enough to just have outstanding grades, applicants need to show their individuality and potential for growth through the admissions interview.

While students cannot predict the interview questions, they can prepare an impressive portfolio that showcases their unique interests and skills. Whether a student is passionate about poetry, photography, birds, sports or anything else, we can work with them to create a physical portfolio that tells their story through paintings, digital illustrations, creative writing and more.

Under the guidance of artist consultant, students get expert advice on how to design a portfolio that makes their narrative shine. Not only do students get a final product to showcase their passions, they also gain a story about curating their personal creative portfolio that they can share with confidence.

Course Schedule

Learn techniques relevant to the creative work showcased

Write artist’s statements that highlight your narrative

Individual and group critiques

Material Exploration