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Fashion Entrepreneurship

JUL 18-26 2019 for 7-12yrs

(2:30pm-5:30pm · M|T|W|TH|F|S)



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Product DESIGN · Prototype · Website · Branding

This is the students’ chance to put their design and entrepreneurial mind to test in the real world. In this 8-day intensive, students waste no time diving into the process of starting their own clothing lines. The best way to learn is by doing, so students are hands-on at every step of the way until their debut in our final fashion show. Students learn how to:

  • Design products

  • Printmake with linoleum cut

  • Source material

  • Prototype and ideation

  • Shoot product photography

  • Build web page

Don’t make your ideas wait, take the steps to make them come true today.

Instructor Mo Kwok (Artist and Educator, M.Ed Harvard)

Ratio 5 : 1

Duration 8 days

Tuition HK $7,850 HK$7,350/student

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+852 2540 2484


Fashion Entrepreneurship July 18-26

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