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who says creative learning is just for kids

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Workshop Description

Experience learning like never before. Grandparents, children, and parents can all come together in front of and behind the camera to learn the craft of professional photography. What better way to spark the passion for a lifelong journey with creativity than intergenerational learning? Share this unforgettable creative experience with your family or friends and capture the moment with your newly learned photo skills.


3-hour session

Saturdays, by appointment

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why you should join

Workshop Schedule

Lesson on lighting, composition, and manual control | 90min

Hands-on photoshoot to practice techniques | 60min

Lesson on post production photo editing | 30min

Bring Home

20 X 4R photographs (glossy)

5 X 8R photographs (matte)

Access to digital files of photos on Google Drive

Family website featuring best photographs

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It’s a great place to start your journey with photography. I can see Summer having photography as a lifelong hobby and real passion. I’m real happy that she started it here. Giving my daughter the first sparks of passion and creativity with photography

—James, participant