Hello, I am Liam Yu. I am 10 years old, I have a brother and sister and I love cricket.

we all ate some food
it was a red triangle
with pepperoni


the airplane landed
it was my brother’s birthday
i didn’t know that.


my dad said to me
do you want to watch youtube
then i cried.


he got bowled out
the crowd went wild afterwards
then he cried.


i try something new
i find it hard but i know
what not to do now


how do you write a poem
do you think of words to rhyme
do you use your imagination to make a poem shine
do you say words until they sound fine
when i first wrote a poem
it was at school
it didn’t sound quite right
but the teacher said it was good
so i thought i was had
until my dad asked
how did you write that poem