18 hours | HK$25,000 | valid for 3 months

The fastest way to achieve a dream is to get started. With our flexible scheduling, each session can be 60 / 90 / 120 minutes.

We offer —

  • Individual Critique on existing work to ensure each piece has a strong narrative, is visually captivating and coherent with the rest

  • Project Planning of work that needs to be produced. Many schools have prompts that will need to be submitted within a deadline

  • Artist Statement is essential to convince viewers the significance of the body of work

  • Material Exploration for students to expand their visual vocabulary and use professional techniques to create portfolio

Note: Excludes Material and Equipment Fees



Unlimited* | HK$76,000 | valid for 6 months

We Offer —

  • Everything in the Starter Package

  • Unlimited On-Site Support up to 12hrs per month

  • Up to 8 hours of Off-Site support

Excludes Material and Equipment Fees



Unlimited| HK$124,000 | valid for 12 months

Everything, including materials.


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