Summer Family Fun

Creative Corner by Lifelong Labs


  • LEARN how to capture happiest moments as family interacts in photographs and short films

  • PROMOTE intergenerational creativity and innovation in Hong Kong

  • CREATE beautiful memories at Pacific Place through workshops in film and photography

Pacific Place x Lifelong Labs 

Program Details

Duration 5 Days | Wednesday - Sunday | 2pm-6pm (Total 20hrs)

Session 15 Minutes | Activity

Participant 3 families | 9-people

Location 200-300 sq.ft | 24-people

No. People Served 540 | 180 Family

Creative Corner Building Environmental Substainable Family Art Work

Photo Corner Making Family Precious Moment in Pacific Place

Founder Mo Kwok ( M.Ed Harvard University)

Programme Coordinator Tiffany Ha ( Environmental Educator, BA UCLA)

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