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Film Production | 8-min short film

for 9-12yrs Jul 2-6 2019 · 9am-4pm · M|T|W|TH|F

for 13-17yrs Jul 15-19 2019 · 9am-4pm · M|T|W|TH|F


get a taste of Producing your own film from scratch in this hands on learning program

Put on your director’s hat, we’re going behind the scene and building a short film from start to finish. You learn and take charge of the entire process including:

  • Screenwriting and Story Boarding

  • Props and Actors

  • Filming and Lighting

  • Soundtracks, Voice Overs, and Subtitles

  • Video Editing and Colour Grading

This creative hands-on project pushes you to find effective ways of collaboration in order to finish this ambitious task in one week. You learn how to translate your imagination into a motion picture and gain valuable technical skills and a quality work of art for your portfolio.

Don’t wait for your dream to fulfil itself, turn it into reality now.


Instructor Mo Kwok (Artist and Educator, M.Ed Harvard)

Ratio 4 : 1

Duration 5 days

Tuition HK $7,850/student

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+852 2540 2484 m@lifelonglabs.org


Film Production

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