Professional Photography

JUL 8-12 2019 · M|T|W|TH|F 9am-12pm for 9-12yrs · 2pm-5pm for 13-17yrs

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by Instructor Mo Kwok

by Instructor Mo Kwok

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by 10-year old Liam Y.

by 10-year old Liam Y.

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by 11-year old Zach S.

by 11-year old Zach S.

develop your own photography portfolio this summer

Learn a breadth of photography styles in this week-long intensive and creative lifelong-learning program. Students walk away from the week with the most useful technical skills for shooting with their cameras along with a collection of quality photographs to add to their portfolios. The various styles of photography that are taught in this intensive include:

  • Self Portraits

  • Street Photography

  • Still Life Photography

  • Landscape Photography

By the end of the week, students gain a deeper understanding of Composition, Lighting, and Colour Theory, the fundamental elements of photography.

Harness the power of photography and start capturing the beauty around you now.

Instructor Mo Kwok (Artist and Educator, M.Ed Harvard)

Ratio 4 : 1

Duration 5 Days

Tuition HK $6,950/student

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