university portfolio intensive

Stand out from the rest

tell a story your grades can’t

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Course Description

Applying to art/design/architecture school can be stressful. With the lack of specialised support from academic counsellors, artists statements and portfolio can seem daunting. Under the expert guidance of art school admissions consultant and practising artist, understand exactly what it takes to build a portfolio for your dream programmes and learn the necessary skills to blow away admissions officers.

Whether you are applying to uni this year or the next, Fall is the time to get your portfolio ready. Learn how to take quality photos of your artwork, build a professional looking website, craft the perfect artist statements and more.


Course Schedule


Understand application requirements

Learn professional techniques to create portfolio

Craft artist’s statements to make your narrative shine

Individual and group critiques


Studio Time

Material Exploration to expand visual vocabulary

Completion of featuring works


Ages 16+

Mondays and Wednesdays, Start Sep 16

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