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is to curate a world-class learning experience for you and your family. With our ultra small classes, custom-made lesson plans and expert passionate teachers, we strive to deliver creative education of the highest calibre.

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Why Creativity is the most important 21st century skill?

60% of CEO’s cited creativity as the most important quality when hiring. But why? Automation will replace more jobs than it creates. Riding on small victories and delayed gratification are proven 21st century skills that are developed through the process of creative problems solving and projects.

Why wait?

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Dreams can come true today

Through field trips, expert guidance and personalised projects, turn ANY idea into reality.


2-6 [FULL]

Film Production | 9-12yrs

M|T|W|Th|F · 9am-4pm

M|T|W|Th|F · 9am-4pm


Photography | 13-17yrs

M|T|W|Th|F · 9am-12pm

M|T|W|Th|F · 9am-12pm


Fashion Intensive | 11-14yrs

M|T|W|Th|F · 9am-12pm

M|T|W|Th|F · 9am-12pm





STEAM Tinker | 5-8yrs

M|T|W|Th|F · 9am-12pm

M|T|W|Th|F · 9am-12pm


STEAM Tinker | 9-12yrs

M|T|W|Th|F · 9am-12pm

M|T|W|Th|F · 9am-12pm


ArtistPortfolio | 13-17yrs

M|W|F · 9am-4pm

M|W|F · 9am-4pm


Our Reviews and Testimonial

What our learners say…

The most valuable thing I learned all week was that I can create anything if I try hard at it.
— 16 years-old (makers + architects)

I am so happy to have found such a meaningful project this late in my life. I only do homework because I enjoy it so much.
— 78 YEARS-OLD (the Dream Maker Workshop)



Parents would highly recommend Lifelong Labs programmes to other parents.

Students were highly satisfied with the projects they made at Lifelong Labs.

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Make a difference with your creative problem-solving skills today

STEAM Tinker Camp | 3D Printed Model

Aug 12-16 for 9-12yrs | MTWThF | 9am-12pm

Tiffany Ha (Environmental Educator; B.A. UCLA) | Capacity: 5 | Tuition: HK$3,950

Innovate and create with purpose by exploring the intersection between art and science this summer. Take action on climate change and tinker solutions in this week-long PBL programme:

  • Investigate the field of Sustainable Architecture

  • Analyse the problem of housing and pollution in Hong Kong

  • Design, prototype, and ideation

  • Build your own tiny eco-friendly model house

Practice 21st Century Skills this summer. Ask questions, build prototypes, tinker solutions.

Questions? Contact Us.

+852 2540 2484

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It's not the camera but who's behind the camera 

Professional Photography

Date: Jul 8-12 | Mon-Fri | Time: 9am-12pm for 9-12yrs | 2pm-5pm for 13-17yrs

Instructor: Mo Kwok (M.Ed Harvard) | Capacity: 4 | Tuition: HK$6,950


  1. Printed Photographs

  2. Digital Portfolio

  3. Final Exhibition


Develop your own photography portfolio this summer

Learn a breadth of photography styles in this week-long intensive. The various styles of photography that you will explore include:

  • Self Portraits

  • Street Photography

  • Still Life Photography

  • Landscape Photography

By the end of the week, students gain a deeper understanding of Composition, Lighting, and Colour Theory, the fundamental elements of photography.

Harness the power of photography and start capturing the beauty around you now

Questions? Contact Us.

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Want to Be the next wong kar wai? take action now.

Film Production | 8 minute short film

Jul 2-6 for 9-12yrs | Jul 15-19 for 13-17yrs | MTWThF | 9am-4pm

Mo Kwok (M.Ed Harvard) | Capacity: 4 | Tuition: HK$7,850

Get a taste of producing your own film from scratch

Put on your director’s hat, we’re going behind the scene of film-making and building a short film from start to finish. Students are responsible for the entirety of the production, including:

  • Screenwriting and Storyboarding

  • Filming and Lighting

  • Video Editing and Colour Grading

  • Recording Voiceover and Subtitles

Learn how to translate your imagination into a motion picture and gain valuable technical skills and a quality work of art for your portfolio.

Don’t wait for your dream to fulfil itself, turn it into reality now


Questions? Contact Us.

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