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21-25 october 2019

half term photography camp

For 6-8yrs 9am-11am · For 9-12yrs 11:30am-1:30pm

Instructor Mo Kwok · Ratio 4:1 · Duration 4 days · Tuition HK $3,950

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Day 1 Composition, Lighting and Aperture  

+ Shoot with manual settings and in raw

+ Self-portraiture with coloured lighting

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Day 2 Street and Landscape Photography

+ Photoshoot on Tram (Shooting from different angles)

+ Field Trip to Instagram Pier in Sai Ying Pun


Day 3 Portrait Photography with Studio Lighting

+ Set up studio with professional equipment

+ Learn to model and direct model for candid and staged portraits


Day 4 PhotoShop and Preparing Photos for Printing

+ Develop workflow for printing ready photos

+ Learn how to read the histogram and edit photos

+ Upload photos to create digital portfolio 


Day 5 Final Exhibition

+ Present a coherent body of work: 5 X 8R & 20 X 4R

+ Share creative process with friends and parents

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 with Mo Kwok

M.Ed Harvard University · University of Chicago

Mo is a practicing artist, educator and professional photographer. Her work has been premiered at the Harvard Film Archive and exhibited at The Crossing Gallery, The MV World Odyssey, and Le Corbusier’s Carpenter Center. Her recent solo show at the Hong  Kong Visual Art Centre features a series of neon-lights, sound sculptures, textile murals, and more. She studied under celebrated photographer Richard Rinaldi, recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship.

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“It’s a great place for a child to start their creative journey. Giving my daughter the first sparks of passion and creativity with photography!”





21-23 / 23-25 october 2019

half term outdoor mindful creative camp

For 7-9yrs 21-23 Oct · For 10-12yrs 23-15 Oct · Ratio 4:1

Instructor Tiffany Ha · Duration 3 days · Tuition HK$1,950


give children the space and guidance to reconnect with nature, practice mindfulness, and find creativity

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Term break is a time to find balance and recenter on what is important. Why not explore mindful creativity on Lamma Island?

Camp Dates and Time


Oct 21 (Mon) 8:15am-1:15pm

Oct 22 (Tue) 2:00pm-4:00pm

Oct 23 (Wed) 2:00pm-4:00pm


Oct 23 (Wed) 8:15am-1:15pm

Oct 24 (Thu) 2:00pm-4:00pm

Oct 25 (Fri) 2:00pm-4:00pm

Day 1 A mindful day on Lamma

Through various sensory awareness creative activities, students learn to strengthen their connection with our natural surroundings.

(meet at Central Ferry Pier #4)

  • Scenic nature hike to explore beaches

  • Learn about fauna and flora along the way

  • Discover mindfulness and useful breathing techniques

  • Record and document sensory discoveries with creative expression


Day 4 Nature-inspired creative exploration

With fresh inspirations and enhanced knowledge about nature, students learn skills to translate their raw ideas and materials into meaningful art

  • Create sculpture and collage using natural found objects

  • Learn video editing techniques to complete mini nature documentary

  • Close observation line-drawing of plants to practice patience and focus


Day 3 Final Exhibition (Friday)

Family and friends are welcome to experience students’ mindful creative works

Present collection of photographs and nature-inspired body of work

  • Share creativity process with family and friends

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with Tiffany Ha


Tiffany is a passionate environmental educator certified in Marine Eco-tourism by HKETTC. After receiving her degree from UCLA, Tiffany spent over 2 years in rural Rwanda training students on climate-sensitive perma-gardening techniques. In Los Angeles, her work focused on bringing quality creative art programs to public schools. Tiffany has found mindfulness to be an essential daily practice and strives to make it more approachable to students of all ages.