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we understand learning can be stressful and irrelevant

That’s why we founded this boutique learning space to curate bespoke bilingual learning experiences that answer to your needs and maximise your potential, no matter your age or learning style. 



our team

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Mo Kwok (M.Ed Harvard University)· Founder

Mo Kwok is a dream maker and educator dedicated to transforming the future of creative learning for students age 0-100+. She studied political science and visual arts at University of Chicago and obtained her Masters in Education from Harvard University.

Prior to Lifelong Labs, Mo dropped out of law school (HKU JD Candidate), worked at the Harvard Art Museum and ran marathons. She continues to work as an artist.

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Ven Chan · Director

Ven is a former teacher, speaker, amateur golfer and mother of two entrepreneurs, Mo Kwok and Terence Kwok, CEO of Tink Labs. She is leading the Wisdom Parent workshop.

Prior to Lifelong Labs, Ven studied the philosophy of education at The Education University of Hong Kong, Theology at China Graduate School of Theology and worked as a Recreation Officer for the Urban Council.


Tiffany Ha (B.A. UCLA)· Chief of Operations

Tiffany is an environmental educator and enjoys listening to food podcasts. She studied political science at UCLA and international development at University of Ghana.

She is committed to empowering people to see the beauty in our surroundings and the importance of taking concrete steps to protect our environment. Prior to joining Lifelong Labs, Tiffany served as an educator and community organiser in Peace Corps Rwanda.


Balambal Muthuraman · Research Consultant

Bala is a software engineer turned educator, radio broadcaster and an aspiring artist. Bala is a certified TESOL teacher who firmly believes in instilling creative education in students everyday life and promotes creativity as the life skill for all ages in the AI driven world.Prior to joining Lifelong labs,Bala worked as a technologist in financial sector.


Risa Pieters · Research Consultant

Risa is an educator, runner, and avid bibliophile. Risa studied Philosophy and Global Health at Duke University, and she is currently a M.Ed. Candidate at the HKU.

Outside of Lifelong Labs, Risa’s work focuses on education for refugees and traumatised youth and corporate social responsibility in education.


Vanessa Chung · Education Fellow

We miss you already! Lifelong Labs would not have been the same without our beloved and inaugural Education and Communication Fellow, Vanessa Yuri Chung. Her contributions include building the website, illustration.

Vanessa currently works as the Artist Liaison and Executive Assistant at Stanford Live.


we are hiring


“The greatest thing about Lifelong Labs is that there is no hypocrisy. The concept of practising what one preaches is abundant at Lifelong Labs. The company is dedicated to better learning, whether it be intergenerational, lifelong, project-based, applied, collaborative or otherwise. Innovative education is clearly the goal and near and dear to everyone's heart.”

— paarban nath, former intern

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People who made Lifelong Labs possible

advisory board members

Prof. Resnick

Director of Lifelong Kindergarten at MIT Media Lab


Prof. Rinaldi

President of Reggio Children – Loris Malaguzzi Centre Foundation


Dr. Siedel

Faculty Director of Arts in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education


Dr. Nathan

Executive Director of the Center for Artistry and Scholarship


Tania Weinstein

Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science at the University of Chicago

Stephen Sun

Architectural Mercenary for Good, Consultant at Meyers Research

Dr. David Odo

Director of Student Programs and Research Curator for University Collections Initiatives Harvard Art Museums


Dr. Fazio-Veigel

Director of the Center for Scholarly Advancement in The College, University of Chicago


Tracy Wu


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Prof. Adamson

Director of the Centre for Lifelong Learning at EDUHK


Dr. Micci

High School Principal at The Harbour School


Terence Kwok

Founder & CEO of Tink Labs


Ronald Chow


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Joyce Chan

CEO of The Hong Kong Award for Young People

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Dr. Choi

Director of Ministry Development of Youth Global Network

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Dr. Blurton

Founder and Head of The Harbour School


Daniel Szuc

Consultant at Apogee

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Josephine Wong

Consultant at Apogee

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C. W. Hong


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Cindy Choi


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